Bicyclists Explore Santa Monica’s Newest Buffered Bike Lanes: See Photos

Santa Monica Spoke, a group dedicated to improving biking in Santa Monica, led a relaxed and educational tour of the city earlier this month  and NMS tagged along for the ride!

Bicyclists from as far away as Hawaii cruised through brand-new buffered bike lanes and shared lanes (sharrows). The group of roughly 20 bicyclists which included members of the city government also envisioned the proposed Michigan Neighborhood Greenway.

Check out these photos from Santa Monica Spoke’s tour of new bike infrastructure, and proposed and upcoming projects, in Santa Monica on Friday afternoon:

[Caption: Outside Colorado Court on Colorado and Fifth (close to NMS’s Santa Monica apartments at [email protected]), bicyclists prepare to embark upon Santa Monica Spoke’s tour of Santa Monica.]

[Caption: A bicyclist enjoys the shared bike lane, as indicated by a sharrow, on 14th Street near Montana Avenue. This was the first street in Santa Monica to feature a shared bike lane (sharrow), which are now almost commonplace in and around the city.]

[Caption: The fleet of bicyclists occupy the bike lane on 14th Street near the intersection of Wilshire Boulevard.]

[Caption: Santa Monica Spoke Director Cynthia Rose introduces bicyclists to the newly implemented right turn only (RTO) sharrow markings on 14th Street, at the intersection of Santa Monica Boulevard (nearby NMS’s Santa Monica apartments to lease at [email protected]). She asks for the group’s input and feedback on this innovative use of sharrows in RTO lanes that provide an indicator for cyclists on proper lane placement while indicating to car drivers where cyclists are to be expected.]

[Caption: On Michigan Avenue, near 20th Street (just south of NMS’s Santa Monica apartments for rent at Olympic Studios and Olympic Studio Lofts, bicyclists envision the proposed Michigan Avenue Neighborhood Greenway that could create safer more pleasurable streets for residents by reducing cut through traffic, connections for safe routes to schools and providing a crucial east/west connector for bikes.]

The Santa Monica Spoke tour was followed by a “Dinner & Bikes (& Cupcakes)” event featuring a presentation by nationally recognized writer Elly Blue; a screening of footage from “Aftermass,” a film about Portland, Oregon’s bicycle cultural and infrastructure by filmmaker Joe Biel. Attendees also enjoyed a gourmet vegan dinner prepared by traveling celebrity vegan chef Josh Ploeg and vegan cupcakes baked by Santa Monica Spoke Director Cynthia Rose.

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