Best Santa Monica Loft for Rent Available Now

untitled-design-36There are tons of apartments in Santa Monica, but not all of them have much character. Some are just boxy, plain and kind of ho-hum! Admit it – you’ve seen them too!

Sure, if your landlord will allow you to add some coats of paint and change out the window dressing, it will help.  But why start out with such a blank canvas to work with when you can start out in an already-creatively designed Santa Monica apartment that just needs a few of your personal tweaks and touches to make it uniquely yours?

Located off of Olympic Blvd. and 20th Street, Olympic Studios is renting a Santa Monica loft apartment under the Santa Monica affordable housing program.  This chic
Santa Monica apartment is split level with a full bathroom, living room area and full bathroom with all stainless steel appliances downstairs and a sleeping loft with private bedroom closet upstairs!

This is truly one of the coolest Santa Monica apartments within the affordable housing program and it can be all yours!

The following terms must be met in order to rent a Moderate income-restricted apartment:

For one person, the maximum allowable income is $60,800 per year, for the current year and the previous year. For two people, the maximum allowable combined income is $69,500 per year, for the current year and the previous year; occupancy rate is max two people per unit. The following documentation is required for proof of income: previous yr. income tax return copy, last 3 pay stubs and last 3 bank statements.

Qualify? Contact the leasing gallery for details on if you qualify for the affordable housing program and to set up a tour because these pictures just don’t do it justice at (310) 828-3636.