Awesome Event Venues in Santa Monica

Santa Monica is a premiere beachfront city located in Los Angeles since 1887. Rich in landscape and scenery, this little beach town has developed into one of the most popular destinations for both work and play on the West Coast.

As you can imagine, many people flock to Santa Monica for special events and weddings. While there are many online guides that have pre-selected locations, we have put together this awesome Pinterest board of the best Santa Monica event venues!

The Buffalo Club

With more than 25 locations, you’re sure to find a location with the right feel and price for your special day.  The event venues range from small, individual owned homes the most grandiose hotels and ballrooms! Included are:

  • Industrial-chic loft spaces
  • Private homes and estates
  • Bohemian-feel warehouses
  • Chic hotel ballrooms
  • Spacious restaurant and bar spaces
  • Historical landmarks with lots of character
  • Quirky and unique spaces with a built-in fun atmosphere
  • Rooftops with sweeping views of Santa Monica and beyond

Happy event planning!