Autumn-ize Your Apartment Home!

For those who missed it, the first day of autumn officially began on Sunday, September 22nd. In Los Angeles, autumn weather doesn’t always equate cooler weather, but needless to say it is a fair inclination that the holiday season is well on its way!

When you live in a condo or apartment home, seasonal and holiday decorating can be underwhelming. Without a yard and private exterior, many think that there aren’t any other options and give up. Not so! We’re listing below the top ways to decorate your condo or home for the holidays without breaking the bank and without leaving permanent damage. If you live in an apartment home, check with your landlord beforehand to be sure you will not be violating any terms of your lease.


Wreaths & Hanging Objects

Now wreaths can be hung without pounding a nail into the door! Look online or at a Target for an over-the-door wreath hook like the one we found on Amazon for only $2.29! Wreath hooks come in various finishes and lengths and are great for hanging not only wreaths, but other seasonal decorations such as bows, bells or decorative signs.

If you do go with a traditional wreath, you’ll find a bevy of fresh and artificial online both for the seasons and the holidays.  Trader Joe’s offers simple, very moderately priced seasonal wreaths starting around $15.  For a more ornate arrangement, we recommend a site that includes delivery such as Pro Flowers or even Etsy.


Door and Window Clings

For those apartment and condo dwellers that are lucky enough to have a window by their entryway, window clings can also make the seasonal spirit a bit brighter from the outside. Non-gel based window clings will generally also work on door exteriors!

Going a step further are light up decorations, hung in the window by a suction cup, like this spooky ghost that we found on Amazon for only $15!



Who knew that a doormat could liven up an apartment exterior so much? Online stores and household stores mentioned above will all carry a nice selection, but we also love these festive seasonal mats offered at Pier One.