August is National Sandwich Month!

August is National Sandwich Month! Given there are 31 days this month, LA Weekly has named 31 sandwiches in Los Angeles that are a MUST to try this month! Here are a few that we think deserve to be eaten every month!

  1. The Southern Fry at Plan Check Kitchen + Bar. The name pretty much says it all; I mean who doesn’t love fried southern food? This Sawtelle favorite is a combination of sharp tangy pickles, house-made spicy green pimento cheese, a layer of griddled duck ham and a crunchy mass of heavenly fried chicken.southern fried
  2. The Godmother at Bay Cities Deli. Let me tell you, it is worth the wait! But if you can’t wait to get your mouth on one of these, the premade versions are just as delicious! Stacked with five, yes FIVE kinds of cold cuts—Genoa salami, mortadella, coppacola, ham and prosciutto—a slice of provolone and the amazing Italian bread. I prefer mine spicy, with the works!godmother
  3. Black Pastrami Ruben at Brent’s Deli. When I go to Northridge, I make it a point to go near lunch so I can hit up Brent’s! This crusty rye bread with soft, thinly-sliced and moderately peppered meat, warm sauerkraut and melted Swiss with a creamy Russian dressing, no wonder it’s the most popular sandwich in this joint!black pastrami reuben
  4. Double BLT-A Sandwich at The Sycamore Kitchen. Not only are you getting bacon, you are getting pork belly, slices of avocado and delicious ripe tomatoes and butter leaf lettuce, add balsamic vinegar and you are in sandwich heaven! This classic sandwich just got a whole lot better!blt-a
  5. Toron at Bäco Mercat. Bäcos are wrapped in pita-like bread and filled with intriguing flavor combinations, like  the Toron, a generous scoop of oxtail hash resting on a pancake of shredded potato, topped with melted cheddar cheese and a mess of tartly dressed sprout and greens—yes please! toron