Atlas Obscura: Delightful Curiosities and Fantastic Discoveries

Regardless of if you are a curious person by nature, someone who is drawn towards the unusual or unknown or simply someone who feels a bit bored from time-to-time, we suggest that you take a look at the website for Atlas Obscura!

Atlas Obscura, the definitive guide to the world’s most wondrous and curious places allows you to browse through articles or search through their archives by city or area of interest to discover the most unusual and interesting places to see and visit. Take on the world, or just your neighborhood, and behold fantastic off-the-beaten-path places of interest!

Not only are the areas of interest pin dropped on a map to make location easy, but they are accompanied by their history and other remarkable details about what makes that particular location so special and/or strange.


Finds around the Los Angeles area include an abandoned air force base, a strangely intact “ghost town”, an abandoned zoo, a small museum with artifacts found by the real life “Indiana Jones”, an ostrich farm and a few buildings with some very spooky happenings.

Already a fan of the website? Let us know what some of your favorite finds on the website are!