Are You A Noisy Neighbor?

Having a noisy neighbor is never fun, but what about when you are the one causing all of the ruckus?  Here are two simple ways you can attempt to soundproof your apartment so your neighbor stops complaining:


  1. Lower the Ambient Noise: Figure out which devices are making the most noise (i.e. your air conditioning, fans, refrigerator, etc.). These noises may not be bothering your neighbor, but they matter because you have to turn up the volume or talk louder to compensate. If you can move these devices or turn them off during entertaining times, it could keep the volume down.
  2. Surround Sound Floor Plan - TV Against WallModify your TV/Speaker Placement: The positioning of your speakers and subwoofers play a big part on your neighbor being able to listen to the movie you just rented. If your speaker is in the corners of your living room, more than likely it is sharing a wall with your neighbor. Moving the speaker away from the shared wall can reduce vibrations and sounds from the speakers. Additionally, if you position your speakers too far from your seating area, you’ll bump up the sound a few notches; try to keep the speakers near the location you’ll be seating in.

For more information and tips regarding soundproofing your apartment, check out this article from Apartment Therapy!