Apartments for Rent in Santa Monica Near SMC With a Roommate

Finding an Apartment Near SMC to Share With a Roommate

SMC Apartments for Rent in Santa Monica

Determining Whether to Live with a Roommate or Rent an Affordable Santa Monica Studio

Deciding on whether to live with a roommate can be a tough choice. Living with a roommate can cut down on costs and it gives you someone to hangout with after long day at work. On the other hand living with a roommate does decrease your amount of privacy and if your personalities aren’t compatible it can be disastrous. The biggest thing to consider is whether your living styles are compatible. Someone may be your best friend, but if you are a neat freak and they are disorganized then it’s probably not going to work. Keep in mind that most landlords require you to commit to a full year lease and if you end up with a bad roommate you could be stuck with them.

If you are considering a roommate because it will cut down on living expenses, but enjoy your privacy another great option to consider is an affordable studio apartment near SMC. Studios are cheaper than one bedroom apartments in Santa Monica and even though studios generally are one big room you are living by yourself so you can organize it how you want and no matter what it’s going to be your own private space!