Apartment Hunting 101

Apartment searching can be a bit overwhelming, even intimidating (i.e. legal documents, deposits, fees, commitments…yeah scary!). Luckily for you, we’ve put together a few important items you should know before you dive in head first.


  1. Utilities. Find out if any are included, and if not, which ones will you need to connect (gas, electric, trash, water, etc.).
  2. Amenities. Does the building you are looking at have any “community amenities,” if so, do they cost extra? Parking, gym, pool, security…
  3. Laundry. On-site, in-unit, or none? Think about how important laundry is to you.
  4. Appliances. Does your apartment have these, or will you need to purchase them? (Refrigerator, dishwasher, microwave, etc.).
  5.   Cable Providers. Does your unit come cable ready? Which providers work in that area?
  6. Noise. How sensitive to noise are you? Can you be on a busy street, or will you need to be secluded?
  7. Pets. Are they allowed? What about fees, size limits?
  8. Parking. Is it included, do you have to pay extra, or is it street parking only?
  9. Storage. Do you need extra storage? Does the apartment come with it?
  10. Decorating. Are you allowed to paint, hang things on your walls, etc.? Will you have to return things to their original state if you do paint?
  11. Subleasing/lease break. Is this allowed?
  12. Security. Make sure you are comfortable with the amount of security that is in place (controlled access, etc.).
  13. Rent increases. How much has the rent gone up in the past 3 years? Do they plan on increasing the rent in the next year, if so, how much?
  14. Room dimensions. Take a measuring tape with you—make sure your current furniture will fit!
  15. Location. Do you want to live near your work, near public transportation, neighborhood attractions, or secluded?

Here is a Property 101 Apartment Hunting Checklist, created by The Everyday Girl for more guidance! The most important piece of advice, make sure you understand your lease!