Amazing DIY Chandeliers to Add Character to Any Home

Sometimes the outcome of an easy do-it-yourself project can be absolutely stunning, and that’s exactly what we thought when happening upon THIS article by of some of the best DIY lamp and chandelier projects on the internet!

While we can’t vouch for the structural integrity of the projects, the “after” pictures are inspiring and wow-worthy. Take, for instance, this ultra-modern chandelier below that is actually just an empty water jug and plastic spoons.

While the article has tons of super cool pictures, there were barely any tutorials on how exactly to make them yourself.  After a little digging around, we found another great article on DIY chandeliers on the Home Talk blog!

Check out this brainy cool lighting fixture (we wouldn’t consider this to be a chandelier) that can be made from a globe. What a clever and perfect way to add character to the home of an avid traveler.

There’s even a cool how-to on turning an electric chandelier into an eco-friendly solar powered chandelier that will compliment any outdoor dining area!

Enjoy these DIY ideas. We’d love to hear feedback from anyone who has, or has attempted to, make their own chandelier or lighting fixture. Tweet us at @NMSProperties.