All Inclusive Short Term Rentals in Los Angeles

Your next or first trip to Los Angeles is almost sure to be filled with plenty of fun and excitement.  When you or your employer are in planning mode, accommodations will be first on the list.  Instead of settling for a standard hotel room, consider one of our luxury short term rentals in Los Angeles!

Reside in a spacious and fully furnished Los Angeles apartment for maximum comfort and minimal cost.

At double or even triple the square footage of a standard hotel room, our short term rentals in Los Angeles have great floor plans with plenty of space to sleep, eat, cook, lounge, study, entertain and work.

While some of our short term Los Angeles rentals are boutique-style, others are located in buildings with state-of-the-art onsite amenities such as professional conference rooms, gym and fitness facilities, rec centers, roof lounges and onsite concierge.

Regardless of the building that your luxury short term rental in Los Angeles is in, each unit also comes fully accessorized with linens, cooking and dining ware and more!

For more information about our all inclusive short term rentals in Los Angeles for thirty or more day stays, check out our website HERE.