Adult Roommates In Los Angeles Apartments? You’re Not Alone!

When you’re scrolling around the internet looking for all Los Angeles related news, be it about food, crime, arts, events or just “the scene”, why not check out LAist? It’s an articulate blog and a truly awesome source of all news related to the area!

One post in particular recently caught our attention which discusses the large and ever growing amount of adults living in Los Angeles apartments with roommates.  It’s true; roommates aren’t just limited to those in dorm rooms anymore, in fact, it seems that it’s becoming quite the norm for those living in Los Angeles apartments.

roommate wanted

In short, according to the article, which references a study by Zillow, the Los Angeles census showed a large increase in the percentage of Los Angelenos living with a roommate, up by a sharp 7 percent between 2000 and 2012.  Only two years ago 48 percent of Los Angeles apartment dwellers lived with what was defined as a “roommate”.

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