The 7 Stages of Grief When You Have a Bad Roommate

They say that when dealing with emotional tragedy, such as the loss of a loved one, most people go through 5-7 stages of grief.  If you or someone that you know has become the oh-so-real victim of living with a bad roommate, you might experience some of the exact same stages of grief. We outline them for you below, accompanied by GIFs. Enjoy, and remember: It’s not your fault (probably).

Stage One: Shock

You can’t believe it.  They seemed so “normal” before move in.


Stage Two: Denial

No way this can be happening.  Maybe they really aren’t a bad roommate. Maybe they’re just having a bad…few months?

fair gif

Stage Three: Anger

Nope, no way. They aren’t just having a bad time. They really are just a BAD ROOMMATE!
One of the things that makes them such a bad roommate is because they just don’t seem to care about how
their actions (having people over constantly) or lack of actions (never helping clean) effect you. You’re SO ANGRY!


Stage Four: Testing

Seeking in vain for a way out, regardless of if it’s realistic or not such as thinking about paying to break your lease even when you
can barely afford it in the first place.


Stage Five: Bargaining

Ok, maybe you can talk some sense into your roommate. Maybe you can compromise on some things.  Maybe you can work things out somehow.


Stage Six: Depression

It didn’t work.  Nothing has worked.  Nothings going to change and you’re stuck with a bad roommate until at least the end of your lease.
They aren’t going to change and they aren’t going to compromise. They really just don’t care and it makes you feel really sad.


Stage Seven: Acceptance

Well, you’re just gonna have to deal with it and chalk this bad experience up to a lesson learned.
After all, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, right?