6 Important Things to Bring to an Outdoor Movie in Los Angeles

If there’s one thing that Los Angeles loves, it’s the movies!

Sure, this is the land of movie moguls and celebrities, but it’s also the land of some of the best and coolest movie screening events in the world.

Case in point? The many outdoor movie screenings happening around Los Angeles this summer!

Thanks to Thrillist, HERE is a list of every single outdoor movie screening happening around Los Angeles including Pasadena, Hollywood, Santa Monica, Brentwood, Woodland Hills, Glendale, Los Feliz, downtown Los Angeles and Long Beach. Whew!

Based on the details on the list, the outdoor movies in Los Angeles started this month in May and won’t end until sometime in September, so you have plenty of time to catch at least one.


And if you are lucky enough to attend an outdoor movie screening, here is a list of items that we suggest you bring along.


    • A blanket




      Regardless of if the outdoor movie seating is in your car or on the ground or in bleachers, bring a blanket just in case the air gets a bit chilly. If you are going to a screening where you will be sitting on the ground, bring


        blanket to sit on top of to avoid numb limbs from the chilly ground.  You’ll thank us later for this!


  • Snacks

Unless it’s prohibited, bring some munchies for the show! At outdoor movie events like at Cinespia in the Hollywood Forever Cemetery, you’ll see people who show up with entire picnic baskets chalk full of four course meals, not to mention wine, however, at other venues without all of the room on the ground, say somewhere you will be sitting on benches, keep it more simple and brown bag some fruit, popcorn etc.



  • A flashlight

Unless you have a charged up Smart Phone with a flashlight app on it, bring a flashlight to avoid stepping on other people and making your way to the bathroom or other areas after nightfall.


  • Comfortable Clothing

This isn’t something that you really bring, but something to keep in mind as you dress for the evening.  While it may be tempting to do some dressing up, be sure that whatever you bring is extremely comfortable! Wearing skinny jeans can lead to legs that “fall asleep”, wearing heels can lead to an embarrassing fall as you make your way across a crowded, darkened crowd.  Choose comfort over style for a more enjoyable experience!



  • Cash

Some, but not all, outdoor movie events will only take cash for purchasing snacks or at-the-door admission. Besides, having a little cash on hand never hurts!


    • Hand Sanitizer

Porta potties. Need we say more?