5 Wonderfully Weird Shows to See in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a melting pot of experiences and no, not all of them are full of sun seeking tourists.  For those who looking to do a little something “outside of the box”, and see a show that’s a little less “Hollywood” and a little more “Hollyweird”, here are 5 of the most wonderfully weird shows to see in the Los Angeles area. Enjoy!


1. California Institute of Abnormal Arts (CIA)

Do you like your strange and unusual with a healthy dose of the macabre? Check out an intimate “freak show” in the CIA’s cozy venue that will feature anything from dark music and dance performances, twisted puppetry shows, underground movies and experimental art.  Find out about upcoming shows on their Facebook page above or HERE.



2.  Lucha Va Voom

You don’t have to be a fan of wrestling to enjoy one of the Lucha Va Voom’s monthly shows; not only will audience members be delighted by the light-hearted wrestling matches between costumed and masked men, wemon and midgets, but they also enjoy comedy and burlesque performances in-between and at times, during, the matches!

3.  Old Town Music Hall

This hidden gem of a tiny, historic movie theater thrills audiencesnot only by showing classic films, but also with their pre-show organ performances and sing-a-longs, complete with special glow-in-the-dark stage show.  Lovers of classic films and the offbeat must live this experience at least once!

4.  Star Wars & Wizard of Oz Themed Cabaret & Burlesque at DragonFly

Performance teams from Devil’s Playground rally at this long-time Hollywood watering hole a few times per month to astonish crowds with their wild and visually stunning dance acts.  Expect elaborate performances and full on costumes, but don’t expect the costumes to stay on for long!


5.  Cirque Bezerk

Imagine a big top show of acrobatics, fire dancing and performance art mixed with a bit of goth and sparkle and you’ve got one of the greatest shows in Los Angeles! Due to their rise in national and international popularity, there are less local shows than ever, so if you see an upcoming event in LA, run, don’t walk to your computer and secure your tickets.