5 Ways to Add More Rainbow to Your Home

Rainbows! Who isn’t even just a little bit happier after spotting one?

Here are 5 fabulous ways to incorporate a little more of that rainbow happiness into your home!


1.  Rainbow Shower Water

Say what?! That’s right, a shower head that produces seemingly rainbow colored streams of water is a real thing! You can find it on Amazon.com by Londeed but they sell out quickly, so be sure to add one to your wish list.


2.  Rainbow Flame Dinner Candles

Make your dinner table a little more festive with these candles that glow rainbow colored flames! Japan Trend Shop sells a set of three of them for $48.


3.  Rainbow MacBook Keyboard Stickers

Open up your Mac and feel a little more happy and energized thanks to this set of cool keyboard stickers available on Amazon for $11!


4.  Rainbow Drinking Glasses

Helllloooooooo, festive! Grab a set of 4 of these lovely tumblers from Bambeco for only $25. Bonus? They’re made from recycled materials!

4 pillows

5.  Rainbow Throw Pillows

All we have to say is “Wow”! There is a stunning assortment of vibrant and affordable rainbow throw pillows on the Society6 website.