5 Tips For Posting an Effective Roommate Ad

Have you ever looked around online for a roommate situation? Not surprisingly, the internet is full of roommate ads that will not only make you second guess your decision to live with a roommate, but also make you wonder if anyone ever responds to them in the first place.

One day, you may be the one placing the ad to find a roommate to move into your existing home.  When that time comes, be prepared to post an ad that is well received and responded to.  Here are 5 basic tips on how to write and post an amazing ad for a roommate!


1.  Choose Your Photos Wisely

Your roommate ad will receive more than 50% more responses when posted with photos of the home and room.  Be sure that your photos are clear and that the rooms being reflected are clean and well lit.  Something specific to keep in mind? Always close the toilet lid when taking a picture of the bathroom.

You should never post a picture of yourself.  Including a brief description about who you are is sufficient.  Adding a photo of yourself may give people the wrong impression and attract people that are not actually interested in a roommate situation at all.


2.  First Things First

Your ad should make some sort of sense, with the most pertinent information reflected at the top of the ad and other details towards the bottom.

The first few sentences should reflect the rent amount, move in date, any lease term, neighborhood, if pets are allowed and if there are any existing pets in the home and what utilities they may be responsible for.  Secondly, mention a few details about who you are and who your ideal roommate would be. Third, details about the home and room, such as if the room is already furnished or if there is room in the living room for additional furniture, should be included. Last, but not least, include any other details that may be less important but that you feel as if you should include, such as that there is lots of street parking in the area, or that there is a grocery store located across the street.


3.  Be Brief

All in all, your ad should be short enough to fit on the screen without having to scroll down.  Ads that are too long will never get read to completion, resulting in wasted time on your end answering questions that you already provided details about and possible misunderstandings and wasted time on their end.


4.  Keep it Positive

Negative roommate experience in the past? As tempting as it may be to mention it in an attempt to detract that kind of person from responding to your ad, keep things positive and refrain from sounding like you’re venting about someone nobody knows.  It will only make you look like a less-than-desirable roommate.


5.  Be Safe

When you posting a roommate ad, it is important to take precautions for your own safety.

For instance, as mentioned above, never post a photo of yourself.  Also, unless you live in an extra-large apartment community, never post the exact location of the home, only the nearest cross streets.  What you look like and the location of the home are details potential roommates will find out if you have a good enough feeling about them to invite them to meet and see the home in person.