5 Tips for Driving in Rainy El Nino Weather

If you’re not used to driving in rainy weather, here are 5 tips for making your drive more safe and comfortable!

  1.  Test Your Windshield Wipers

    Driving in rainy weather is never fun, but be sure that you are playing it safe by testing your windshield wipers and having them replaced ASAP if they are malfunctioning or simply not providing visibility due to age or injury.

  2. Check Your Tire Pressure

    You’ll want to have the pressure checked in your tires to be sure that they are not over or under inflated.  While some suggest keeping your tires under-inflated in order to create more traction, the fellas over at Car Talk say to keep them right at their correct inflation.

  3. Allot More Time

    Alloting more time is twofold.  One, when driving in the rain, you’ll want to be sure to give yourself at least a third of extra time to reach your destination due to cars moving at slower paces for safety reasons and more stops due to more accidents and fender benders.  Two, allot more time to break when driving behind another vehicle.  Leave extra space between yourself and the vehicle in front of you than normal in case of sudden breaking and possible hydroplaning.

  4. Use Your Turn Signals & Headlights

    Be honest; most people get a little lazy using their turn signals from time-to-time.  Still, in order to decrease the likelihood of getting into an accident due to rain and wind gusts, be diligent about using your turn signals and drive with your headlights on even if it isn’t the night time in order to increase your visibility to other drivers.

  5. Stock Up Your Car

    Last, but not least, you’ll want to be sure that you have a few additional items inside of your car during rainy weather.  The first would be a “back up” umbrella, just in case you have forgotten the one that you leave at home behind.  The second, in order to avoid wet seats, is to keep a dry towel or two inside of your car in case you or your passengers can’t shake off the wet rain before getting into your car, especially if you have leather seats.