5 Things Wise Renters Do When Looking at a Potential New Apartment

1. They Look Up

The average renter is so busy looking around at their potential new home that they forget to inspect the ceiling for water damage from pre-existing, or currently existing leaks.


2.  They Ask About Parking

Some renters may assume that their new apartment includes parking, however, this is not always the case.  Avoid confusion by asking the following questions up front.

Is the parking reserved or first-come-first-served?
Is there an additional fee for parking?
Is your parking space a tandem spot?
Is there any guest parking available?
Have there been any recent problems with auto theft or vandalism in the parking area?


3.  They Check Their Phone

Regardless of what floor of the building that your potential new apartment is on, be sure to check your cell phone in every room of it to be sure that you will have acceptable reception.


4.  They Check the Shower

Don’t forget to check the shower head. What for? Well, for starters, to be sure that the water pressure is good.  Secondly, if you are tall, it is often a good idea to make sure that the height of the shower head will be adequate.


5.  They Research the Area

Regardless of the information that you receive about the area, do your own homework. Come back in the evening. The feel of a neighborhood can change significantly at night.  Also, check out the crime stats provided by your local police department.  The LAPD provides detailed information about what types of crime have occurred in various parts of Los Angeles on their crime stat website HERE.