5 Things to Invest In When Moving Out of Los Angeles

If you’re making the move from the sunny, sandy West Coast cities of Southern California to somewhere with a less than warm year-round climate, there are a few items that you should definitly give yourself permission to splurge on.  Don’t be unprepared, take a gander at the top 5 items that you’ll be glad to have invested in!

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1.  Rain and/or Snow Boots

You may think that you’ll be fine wearing regular closed toe footwear, but you’d be wrong!  Regardless of the layers of socks you may pull on, not every closed toe shoe is created equal when it comes to braving wet or icy weather.  Invest in a pair or two of rubber rain boots, such as Hunter brand boots, which are a godsend when it comes to puddle jumping as well as thick liners that go over your socks.  While you’re at it, invest separately in both short and tall  snow boots so that you can not only keep your feet warm and dry, but avoid slipping and falling due to the special traction on the soles.

2.  Umbrellas

Rainy seasons really do exist! Don’t be caught unprepared; invest in an umbrella that you can keep in your car as well as a few more to keep at work and at home.

3.  A Good Coat Rack

Even if you move to a new home that has a decent sized “coat closet”, a sturdy and stylish coat rack will be well in order to invest in.  While your “coat closet” may be ideal for storing  coats when you aren’t wearing them, the rack will come in handy for guests as well as provide a separate area for you to hang your hat or cold weather scarfs.  An added bonus is to purchase a coat rack with an attached umbrella holder!

4.  Outerwear

Speaking of coat racks, coats are definitly items that you will want to invest in! And no, don’t think that you can get by with just one or two heavy coats, because as anyone who has ever lived in an area where actual “seasons” exist, you’ll want to be prepared for various occasions during various kinds of weather.  At the very least you’ll need a dressy coat for very cold weather as well as moderately cold weather as well as a more casual coat such as a pea coat style to pair with jeans for less dressy occasions and a very casual coat for very cold weather, such as a puffer jacket.  When shopping, keep in mind that for the less formal coats, you will most likely need to purchase a size up from what you would normally wear in order to allow for extra room from bulky sweaters or layers.

5.  An Ice Scraper

If you are moving out of Los Angeles to an area where it snows, don’t skimp when it comes to buying an ice scraper! Not only do you not want to spend more time than you have to out in the cold, even if you are bundled up, but an investment ice scraper will not only decrease the amount of time spent clearing your windshields and windows of ice and snow, but will cause less damage to the actual glass, unlike a flimsy scraper that will be much less effective and possibly cause damage to your windows. Some of the best scrapers on the market are HERE!