5 Things Every “Grown Up” Apartment Should Have

Whether you’re just out of university and looking for your first non-dorm style living situation, or you’ve been out on your own for a very long time, here are 5 things that every “grown up” apartment should have.

1.  A Real Couch

A real couch is not made of an inflatable material.
A real couch is not a futon, regardless of how nice it is.
A real couch does not have to be expensive or even brand new, but a “grown up” apartment will have one!


2. Proper Glasses

Solo red cups should be utilized only in the case of large, casual parties.  At home, the average adult will have real glass drinking glasses.  Also, wine and beer glasses are separate kinds of drink ware so be sure to shop accordingly.


3.  A Bed Frame

Grown ups don’t sleep on a mattress that’s on the floor, they sleep on mattresses that are on top of a bed frame.  An uber-adult will add a headboard to the bed frame and as for the sophisticated, they will have a headboard and a footboard.

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4.  Lamps

Not enough light in a room or seating area? A “grown up” apartment has lamps, regardless of if they are table lamps or standing lamps. This means just saying “no” to string up Christmas lights inside of your apartment.


5.  A Real Dresser

Storage cubes and plastic bins are fine for short term use, but having a “grown up” apartment means having a real dresser.  A real dresser doesn’t have to be costly or even brand new in order to keep your clothes hidden from view and stored in a tidy manner.