5 Simple Steps to Declutter your Closet

Can’t find your favorite little black dress? Did your best friend borrow it, or was it swallowed in that mess you call a closet? Are last year’s winter coats taking up all of your space? How about those jeans you haven’t worn in two years? If this sounds like your closet, here are some tips to declutter your wardrobe:


  • First, go through your closet and create three piles: “save,” “donate” and “fix.” The save pile will be for all of the clothes you want to keep, the donate pile will be for the clothes that you haven’t worn in over 6 months (unless they are seasonal) and are ready to be donate, and the fix pile will be for clothes that need to be altered for a better fit.
  • Next, you should separate your clothes by seasons, preferably winter clothes and summer clothes. Store the clothes that you do not need currently in storage boxes until you will need them again.
  • You should have hangers that create space in your closet, not take up space! The best hangers are the thin non-slip hangers, which you can purchase just about anywhere these days.
  • Evaluate how many short hanging items to long hanging items you have and add double hanging in areas you have space.
  • Organize your clothes by type (i.e. formal, casual, etc.) and then by style, then color.



Here are some tips from the Clutter Diet