5 Reasons Why Living in Santa Monica is Just the BEST


    Even though our city is home to some of the best award winning restaurants in the United States, it’s not just an amazing destination for foodies and food “snobs”.  You’ll find a plethora of both casual and upscale restaurants and cafes, truly amazing in their own right.

    No matter what kind of food that you’re craving, the price range that you want to stay within, or how many dietary restrictions you may have (gluten free, dairy free, carb free, vegetarian, vegan, etc.), you will most definitly find more than one cafe or restaurant that will leave you wanting more!

  2.  The History

    Didn’t see that one coming, did you?

    Even though the City of Santa Monica is a relatively “new” city when compared to its East Coast and Midwestern counterparts, it still has some great history and maintains many of its historically significant buildings and restaurants.  For instance, Santa Monica was once home to Marion Davies, a silent film actress and the longtime partner of the illusive publishing tycoon, William Randolph Hearst.  Part of her mega-mansion on the beach is not only a historical landmark, but is also a museum and testament to her legacy as well as the golden age of movies.

    Just a few other historical landmarks and points of interest include the oldest operating airport in the US, Museum of Flying, a charming 100 year old “Hippodrome” or wooden carousel and the end of the infamous “Route 66”.  It is also said that Santa Monica was where beach volleyball was invented and also where the first documented African-American surfer, Nick Gabaldon, broke racial barriers by surfing at segregated beaches in the 1940’s.

  3.  The Public Transportation

    Like most cities, Santa Monica is concerned about its “carbon footprint”.  In an effort to diminish pollution, our city has taken great measures to reduce the need to commute via automobile.  Not only do we have an amazingly well kept fleet of buses that are timely and diverse in routes, The Big Blue Bus, but we are also lucky enough to have the EXPO, or train line, that connects commuters all of the way from our sandy shored beaches to other areas of Santa Monica and Los Angeles, including Hollywood, Downtown, Culver City, Pasadena and beyond.  In addition, there is a public “bike sharing” system, Breeze, will allows you to go to and fro on our bike friendly streets while getting a little exercise!

  4. You’ll Never Be Bored

    As you know, Santa Monica is a beach-side city, but did you know that there are tons of other things to do just within the city limits besides going to the beach?

    Adventurers and explorers will love the skate parks, the rides and games on the Santa Monica Pier, surfing lessons, parasailing, hiking, boating, outdoor trapeze and short proximity to places like the Santa Monica Mountains, Malibu, Marina del Rey, Venice and more.
    Those who enjoy the leisurely side of life will appreciate the extreme amount of shopping there is to be done in Santa Monica as well as the pampering there is to be had at any of the local day spas.
    Love the nightlife? You’ll also love all of the sports bars, upscale lounges, speakeasies, wine bars and trendy outdoor haunts that our city has to offer!

  5. The Weather

    Did you really think we would leave one of the most obvious reasons off of the list? Yes, except for the occasional marine layer of fog that shades our fair city, it really is almost always sunny in Santa Monica!Because we are a beach city, it tends to stay cooler than other inland areas of Los Angeles, but it is rarely ever cold enough to wear more than a light jacket or hoodie, even at its coldest.