5 of the Most Clever & Practical Dog Accessories We’ve Seen

LED Dog Collar

Is your dog a leash puller, a fence jumper, or maybe just the kind that finds it terribly funny to hide from you in the dark? Welcome to the future of dog collars!

Halo-LED-belt-dog-collar-San-Francisco-G4Report (1)

Safe and highly visible, you’ll always be able to find your pup when he or she is wearing an LED collar.  There are several sellers with various styles, designs and sizes available on Amazon.com.  For extra exposure, grab an LED leash as well!

Dog GPS with Phone App

Your dog accidentally getting away, running away or even being “dognapped” is one of the worst nightmares a dog owner can have even when your dog has been “chipped”.

For dog moms and dads who would rest easier knowing that finding their dog was in their hands, we give you the Dog GPS Tracking system, complete with phone app to track them yourself!

The device and system aren’t cheap but also aren’t super expensive.  You can get yours starting around $100 on the website link above or at Petco. It’s waterproof and has a long life battery.


Dual Dog Leash

Are you the proud owner of not one, but two little ones? Check out the Tangle Free Dual Dog Leash by Hammacher which allows you to walk two dogs up to 30 lbs each without their leash lines tangling!

Each leash line is a retractable 10′ of sturdy nylon cord wound within a durable sealed plastic reel. Priced at under $50, this leash is not only genius, but is also a steal of a deal!


Dog Raincoat with Headgear

There are some dogs that just do not want to “do their business” if it’s raining outside. To be honest, we don’t blame them!


When it’s windy or extra wet outside, keep your dog warm and dry with the Canines Raincoat.  Sizes are available for dogs small, medium and large and is priced just right at $50!

Have a dog who absolutely detests wearing anything on his or her body? Try the dogbrella as an alternative! Buy it on Amazon for just $10.


The Comfy Cone

It’s hard not to empathize when your dog is wearing the cone of shame. Yes, that hard plastic cone definitely aids in helping heal your canines wounds or stitches, but don’t they just look so miserable wearing it?

Luckily for dog owners and their dogs, All Four Paws has introduced the Comfy Cone, a cone that will get the job done but also allow your pet to relax without uncomfortable neck irritation.