5 of the Best Ways to Create a Bedroom in Your Studio Apartment

Living in a studio apartment can be an amazing way to cut your costs; they are usually much less expensive than a full one bedroom apartment and most of the time if your utilities are not already included in the rent, they will definitely be pretty low!

Still, having your sleeping area exposed to guests can create a sense of lack of privacy.  Even if you don’t entertain very often, looking at your bed while moving about in your studio can make you feel unfocused and unmotivated.

Here, we give you 5 of the best ideas for creating a bedroom space in your studio apartment.

1.  Ceiling mount curtains, canopy-style.


2.  A credenza with a fabric panel.


3.  Create a “wall” with a large bookcase.


4.  Create a make shift wall with a piece of plywood covered in fabric or wall paper and a desk.


5.  Utilize folding screens.




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