5 Fun Things to Do in Los Angeles When It Rains

Los Angeles is known for its typically sunny weather, so what’s a host or hostess to do when entertaining out-of-town guests and it starts to rain?

Here are 5 fun things to do in Los Angeles when it rains. Enjoy!

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1.  Eat at a Historic Restaurant

While unfortunately, many iconic Los Angeles restaurants have been replaced with shiny new ones, there are a handful still left that are both historical and culinary significance. Even better? Most of them still offer amazing meals at a portion of what newer restaurants charge.

2.  Go to the Roller Derby

Yep, Los Angeles is home to an indoor, all female roller derby! Check out the Derby Dolls action almost all year round.

3.  Watch a Movie in a Historic Theater

Take your guests to sit where the likes of Charlie Chaplin, Marilyn Monroe and many other well known silver screen stars also sat to watch their favorite films!

4.  Play Inside

Los Angeles has several indoor “playgrounds” for those who still want to be active but dodge the rain.  Check out the rock climbing gyms, indoor skateboarding park, indoor roller rink, trampoline parks and even flight simulators around the LA area!

5.  Explore a Museum

Los Angeles has a healthy plethora of history, art and even some not-so-run-of-the-mill museums.   Explore Ripley’s Believe it or Not for both the historical and the weird, the A+D Museum for architectural, fashion and design or the Travel Town Museum!