5 Fun Novelty Mugs Guaranteed to Give Your CoWorkers a Giggle

Coffee mugs; functional holders of a hot, magnificent beverage, but they can also be a conversation piece! Here are 5 fun mugs that are guaranteed to brighten your day as well as give even your most serious of friends or coworkers a chuckle.

Retro Camera Mug


Whether you’re a fan of retro or a fan of photography, you’re sure to score some approving nods with this vintage camera mug that is just $12.00 from Mustard via Amazon.com.

3D Unicorn Mug


“Always be yourself unless you can be a unicorn, in which case, be a unicorn.”
This unique unicorn mug holds up to 16 oz of magic brew! Grab yours for $12.99 from ThinkGeek.com.

Retro Coffee Pot Mug


Are you a coffee person? No, are you really a coffee person? If so, then this retro coffee pot mug is yours for $9.99 from PerpetualKid.com.

Pig Snout Mug


Keep your friends or coworkers on their toes to expect the unexpected from you with this sneaky mug turned pig snout.  Yours for $12.99 from BaronBob.com.

Thumb War Mug


What was once a kids game is now a mug! Give your coworkers or friends a laugh with a side of nostalgic fun for $14.99 from GadgetsAndGear.com