5 Fun Ideas For Using a Dead Fireplace

If you’re someone who has an unusable fireplace in your home, why not utilize it in a creative or efficient way? Here are 5 ideas on how to do so!

1.  Book storage

Not a fan of kindles or other sources of e-books? Loose the dusty bookcase and turn your non-working fireplace into a colorful storage area for your books!


2.  Pet bed

This is a great idea for pet owners! Simply utilize the dead fireplace area as a “bedroom” for your pet by removing any doors or screen from the exterior and add your pets bed for a cozy area all of their own!


3.  Alternative lighting

So what if you can’t light a fire in your fireplace? You can still use it as an alternative and romantic source of lighting by adding some candles!


4.  Add some green

Plants can be a lovely way to improve your air quality, but if you don’t have a lot of space, why not utilize the area inside of your dead fireplace?


5.  Art nook

Get creative and express yourself by using your dead fireplace as a source for art! You can arrange brightly colored vases inside and around it, add shelves inside with decorative items on them or even place a beautiful mirror or painting inside.