5 Cute Ways to Play With Your Food

Whether you have kids or are just a kid at heart, here are some cute and funny kitchen gadgets that are both practical and fun to use!

1.  Pizza Chopper

Slice up your pizzas and flat breads in style with this motorbike pizza slicer.
$13 on FoodGiggity.com.


2. “Say Cheese” Cheese Slicer

You won’t be able to stop your guests from smiling when you cut the cheese (pun intended) with this old school Polaroid camera cheese slicer! $10 on ThinkGeek.com.

say cheese

3.  Turntable Kitchen Timer

Music lover? Party lover? Regardless, anyone who loves to cook, bake or just hang out and watch others do it will love this fun way to time your dishes! $13 on Amazon.com.


4. Fred Salt and Magic Salt and Pepper Shakers

Add a little magic to the art of seasoning your meals with these “magic wand” shaped salt and pepper shakers.  Available for $13 on Amazon.com


5.  New Chef on the Block Cooking Set

Have more fun cooking with slotted a spoon, spatula and solid spoon that easily mount onto a “Lego” block-like storage strip! Available for $40 on ModCloth.com .