5 Cool Planters to Add More Style to Your Los Angeles Apartment

Having plants in your Los Angeles apartment can be extremely beneficiary.  Not only have many scientific studies concluded that indoor plants eliminate toxins in the air that are known to cause headaches, respiratory problems and other illnesses, but they can make you feel happier, less stressed out and more productive!

If you are someone who either already has added some greenery inside of their Los Angeles apartment home, or, someone who is wanting to take that step, here are 5 cool indoor planters that are not only functional, but are also stylish enough to add even more visual appeal to your home.

1.  Set of 3 handmade Boxcar Planters by Revolution House on Fancy.com for $70


2.  GroVert Living Chalkboard Wall Planter with Frame Kit on Amazon for $100


3.  Picture Planter from Metaphys at Japan Trend Shop for $80


4.  Clear Cube Self Watering Fish Tank Planter from Fancy.com starting at $25


5.  Ceramic Skull Planter by MudPuppy on Etsy.com for $42