5 Cool Desktop Items That Plug into Your USB

1.  USB Fan

Are you one of those people who always seems to “run a bit hotter” than others? Consider yourself saved with this smart and simple desktop fan that plugs right into your USB drive.  Available for $16 via Best Buy.


2. USB Cup Warmer

Troubles with your coffee cooling down sooner and much more than expected? Skip the “back and forth” to the break room by heating your cup with this USB cup warmer! Grab this simple design in silver, red or blue for $5 via Light in the Box.


3.  USB LED Desk Lamp

Prefer to shed a little light on what you need to focus on instead of relying on the most likely fluorescent lighting above? Here is a dimmable, folding USB Lamp that is both thin and inconspicuous from DhGate for $28!


4.  USB Mini Fridge

Not a coffee fan? Perhaps you enjoy a cold beverage while you work…except said cold beverage tends to warm up once you’ve been concentrating on your computer for a bit.  Your cold beverage will never be lukewarm again with this compact mini fridge powered by your USB! This red model is available for $13 via Amazon.


5.  USB Aroma Diffuser

Candles are usually banned from desk tops especially when there’s paper around, but you can enjoy a little aromatherapy none-the-less with this inconspicuous USB drive that simply heats your fragrant oil of choice! Grab it for $20 via Touch of Modern.