4 Spooky Halloween Plays in Los Angeles

Theater fan? Halloween fan?

It’s not too late to get your Halloween on with several spooky plays throughout the Los Angeles area! Here are 4 to check out below.


Wicked Lit

Three classic horror stories come to life in, ironically enough, a graveyard! Grab your $40-$90 tickets and get ready for a literal moving theater experience as you and the performers walk and climb Mountain View Mausoleum & Cemetery.  This year the stories include The Fall of the House of Usher, The Grove of Rashomon and The Ebony Frame. Shows run from October 28th until November 14.


The Hollow

If you prefer a little dinner with your theater, head over to Golden Road Brewery for a three-course meal with beer pairings and check out The Hollow, a dinner theatre experience based on short stories by Washington Irving.  Shows run from tonight, October 26 until October 29. Tickets are $65 each.



The NoHo Arts Center presents a sexually charged adaptation of Bram Stroker’s infamous horror story, Dracula.  Tickets are only $25 and the Friday, Saturday and Sunday evening shows run until November 1.


Ghoulmaster’s Haunted Playhouse

This dark musical production combines dance, magic, burlesque, puppets, video and more to provide theater goers with a campy yet spooky experience! Tickets are $25 and the show runs at the Hudson Mainstage Theatre until October 31.