3 Ways to Give New Life to an Fugly Couch

Unhappy with your couch but can’t afford to buy a new one just yet? Fret not! If it’s still in good shape (aka: nothing is wrong with it, you just don’t like the way it looks) then here are three inexpensive ways to give your fugly couch new life!

Throw Pillows

You’d be surprised by just how much you can change the appearance of your couch simply by adding some cleverly arranged throw pillows. This is an easy and great option to add color to a couch that’s on the drab side.  Use of colors and patterns can even pull the whole room together.  Check out this article by Houzz on how to mix and match your pillows.



Throw covers aren’t just for keeping your feet toasty and warm, they can also drastically change the appearance of your couch when draped just the right way.  Sure, you can casually drape a throw over the side of the couch, or, for more coverage try either folding the throw length ways and over the top portion or the bottom portion of the couch, both as pictured below.

4 ways


Ok, this is the heavy hitter just in case you feel that your couch is just beyond pillows and throws.  Slipcovers are less expensive than purchasing a brand new couch and they cover the entire piece, save the back of it depending on the kind of design that you select. Slipcovers range from loose fitting generic styles that you simply tuck into the corners and fasten from behind to the more expensive but made-to-fit kind that are similar to your couches measurements.  Added bonus? They usually come with slipcovers for the cushions that you just zip up around them for a more upholstered look.  Check out some of these remarkably stylish covers that are made specifically to cover Ikea products or some of these awesome DIY slipcover projects!