3 Ways to Dress for the Rainy El Nino Weather in Los Angeles

Have you seen the weather forecast around the Los Angeles and Santa Monica areas for the next few weeks?

Spoiler alert: It’s going to be in the 50’s and full of rain and wind. Lots of rain!

For those who aren’t used to long boughts of rainy weather, here are a few ways to save your wardrobe and stay dry during the upcoming El Nino weather.

el nino

  1.  FootwearAs tempting as it can be to pull on those high leather boots that you’ve been saving for chilly weather, do yourself and your wardrobe a favor and refrain from wearing leather and suede footwear.  Not only will the rain damage the materials, but the wetness will break them down as well, leaving you with ruined shoes/boots and soaking wet feet.

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    Instead, opt for a more practical option: rubber boots! Yes, even in the usually sunny Southern California area, you can buy rubber boots that are durable, will keep your feet dry and yes, are even fashionable.  Knee high rubber boots can be found at most large department stores such as Nordstrom, Macy’s and Target and at times can even be found at discount stores such as Ross or Marshall’s and occasionally, even Rite Aid and CVS will line their shelves with them.  High end designers such as Kors, Coach and Burberry make rubber boots that you’ll want to wear even when you step indoors and Hunter brand rubber boots have been the staple of many a fashionable puddle stomper since 1856.

    For those with larger calves, we recommend that you carry your normal shoes in a bag in order to swap them out with your rubber boots when coming in from outdoors.  This is because the rubber material, when wet, may create a suction-like effect and cause discomfort to those with large calves when worn for long periods of time.

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  2. UmbrellasAsk anyone who has lived in a rainy climate and they will tell you that owning an umbrella is an absolute must!  In fact, you may want to own 2; 1 to keep with you at home or work and 1 to keep inside of your vehicle for those times you accidentally forget your main umbrella at home or work.

    With heavy rains heading to LA, you are sure to find umbrella’s at the department stores listed above as well as more basic options in stores such as Rite Aid and CVS.

    An in-the-know tip: Avoid your wet umbrella being the inadvertent cause of slip and fall accidents as well as dirty floors by carrying a plastic or reusable bag to store your wet umbrella in once you’ve gone inside.

    Some of our favorite, cute and clever umbrellas can be found HERE.

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  3. Jackets and CoatsWhy would you want to wear a jacket or coat when it’s raining if you already have an umbrella and rubber boots on?  The reason is twofold.

    One, while the weather agencies are only reporting temperature dips into the 50’s, it can still feel like it’s freezing outside for those who are used to 65+ degree weather all-year round.  Two, if there are large gusts of wind as is being predicted, your umbrella will protect your head, hair and face from the rain, but the rest of you may still end up wet!

    The best kinds of coats and jackets for rainy weather are highlighted in THIS awesome article by Refinery29.com.  Still, in a pinch, any kind of coat or jacket, besides leather or suede, will be better than no coat or jacket at all.