3 Ways to Decorate Your Micro Apartment for the Holidays

Short on space? Looking to holiday-up your place but running short on floor space? Here are 3 ways to decorate a small apartment home for the holidays!

  1.  Deck the Doorway

    The easiest way to add some festivity to your home is with a gorgeous holiday-themed wreath! While some people may opt to hang theirs facing outside of their front door, you can always hang yours facing the interior of your home so that you can enjoy it for the rest of the holiday season without stepping outside.

    Not a fan of wreaths? You can also decorate around the interior of your entry door with garland, tinsel and pretty much anything else!


  2. Hang from the Ceiling

    Holiday ornaments an very easily be hung from your ceiling for extra impact, not to mention as a space saver! This can look especially festive over a dining table or in front of a mirror.  Be sure to avoid extra long decorations so that guests on the taller side don’t get tangled up!


  3. Dress Up the Windows

    If you are super tight on space, why not liven up your windows with cool holiday decals or other decorations? While many retail shops will decorate for the holidays on their large display windows, you can decorate your home by facing the decals or other decorations towards the interior.  Just open the curtains and voila, holiday decorations that didn’t take up an inch of livable space!


    Another option is to gussy up your window frames in the same fashion as you can your doors, as mentioned above.  You can line your windows with tinsel or garland for a fabulous effect.