3 TV Shows to Get You Pumped for Halloween

If the heat and altogether wonky weather in Los Angeles hasn’t got you in much of the mood for October’s upcoming holiday festivities, then here are 3 scary shows from the small screen that may help get you into the Halloween spirit for the days leading up to it!


Not just a series of movies anymore, the late director Wes Craven helped develop this tv series with MTV.  The television show, which recently wrapped up its first season, follows a group of high schoolers trying to figure out the identity of a mysterious slasher before they become the next victim.  Bonus? The uber Indie soundtrack that helps set the mood for the ups and downs of not-so-typical teenage life.


Penny Dreadful

This period piece and physiological thriller from Showtime was recently renewed for a third season.  Set in Victorian England, viewers are drawn into a dark world where infamous literary characters such as Dr. Frankenstein, Dorian Gray and others lives and fates become intertwined.  Let go of what you may think you already know of these characters though because nothing, and no one, are what they seem.


Scream Queens

The newest kid on the block and Fox’s latest breakout hit series with Director Ryan Murphy, Scream Queens follows over-the-top alpha Sorority sisters and ridiculous Fraternity brothers that are slowly meeting grisly, albeit hilarious, deaths at the hand of a mysterious killer dressed as the schools mascot, a red devil.