3 Tips For Traveling With a Pet

Tis’ the season for tons of traveling but what about traveling tips for those of us who have a pet or pets? After doing some digging around the catacomb that is the internet, here are the best tips that we found for traveling with your cat or dog!



Pack for Your Pet

Just like traveling with a child, you’ll need to pack a bag that is full of the many things your pet may need in order to assure a comfortable and smooth travel experience.  Besides just water and food, you’ll need motion sickness medication and more.

If you’ll be traveling a long distance in a car and have a pet that is known to “roam” the car, you may need to consider options, for your safety and your pets, that will keep them in their seats.  The Humane Society has more information on what you should pack HERE.

Make Sure Your Hotel is “Pet Friendly”

Long car ride? Be sure that you know in advance what hotels offer a pet friendly experience so that you aren’t left in a lurch at the last minute.  BringFido.com is a great source for pet friendly lodging options.  Other websites such as Orbitz.com offer you the option of searching only for hotels or motels that allow pets, but be sure to call them before booking in order to be sure there are no breed restrictions or hidden fees.

Air Travel Should Be a Last Resort

While many airlines now allow comfortable pet travel in their cabins along with their owners, according to our sources, traveling via plane with your furry companion should be a last option. Why? Well, for one, there are certain breeds of cats and dogs that air travel is especially risky for due to the way oxygen is processed in their bodies.  “Pushed in face” breeds such as Pugs, Bulldogs or Persian cats face a high risk of death because of this.  Not only this, but air travel for animals can be a very stressful experience.  Read more about things to consider when planning to travel via airplane with your pet HERE.