3 Tiny Kitchen Items That You Didn’t Know That You Needed

When you think of things that you need in your kitchen, images may be conjured up of various appliances, cookware and the like, but here are 3 small and inexpensive items that many kitchens are missing out on that can make your life easier, and your kitchen, more sanitary.

  1.  Spoon Rest

    Ever wonder how some peoples stove tops seem to stay magically clean regardless of the copious amounts of cooking that they do? One reason may be that they own a spoon rest! A spoon rest is exactly what it sounds like: usually a decorative ceramic cradle to rest a stirring spoon or other utensil in while you are cooking so that you can reuse said utensil as needed without laying it on your stove top and getting it dirty.   Check out some inexpensive and colorful options at Anthropologie and Amazon.


  2. Dirty/Clean Dishwasher Magnet

    If you don’t live alone then you know that the struggle is real in making sure that dirty dishes aren’t being placed inside of a washer that’s still full of clean ones.  Save your time and your breath by purchasing a dirty/clean dishwasher magnet!  Clever and inexpensive options can be found on Zazzle.com.


  3. Sponge Holder

    The stench of a mildewing sponge is no joke! To keep your kitchen sponge sanitary and as bacteria free as possible, don’t just wring it out and leave it laying in the sink after use, instead, wring it out and then place it in its own holder that will allow any excess water to continue to drain while the sponge “breathes” air that will make it less susceptible to mildewing.  Find a wide assortment of holders at Bed, Bath and Beyond.