3 Things You Need to Know Before Moving Into an Apartment Rental (in GIF format)

Whether you’re just now going out on your own or you are transitioning from being a home owner to a home renter, here are 3 big things that you need to know before moving into an apartment, all in spectacular GIF format!

1.  You’ll have no control over who your neighbors are.

Living in an apartment means that your neighbors may, and most likely will, come and go.  Due to Fair Housing laws, which protect many  groups and individuals from being discriminated against, you will not be able to request that you live in a certain section of the building say, that does not have children or that has more families than singles.  That said, if you live in an apartment building, you may not even be aware of your neighbors, only to one day find they have moved and suddenly you have much more “active” neighbors.

2.  Apartment living is not for the noise sensitive.

Regardless of how “noise proof” a rental is, there will always be at least some normal apartment living sounds that will translate into something much more overblown for those who are sensitive to noise, or who have not lived in an apartment before.

Normal apartment living sounds can include foot steps of the neighbors above, doors closing and sometimes, even the sound of children crying, screaming or playing.

3.  You can’t pick your landlord.

Well, you kind of can and you kind of can’t.  Living in a rental means that while you may meet the landlord initially, it can always change later should they choose to sell the building.  That said, if you are looking at an apartment and you get a weird feeling about the landlord, listen to your instincts; if they aren’t listening to you while showing you the rental initially, then they probably won’t listen to you later as a resident either, or, if they are not good about returning your emails or calls regarding your rental application approval, they probably won’t be good about returning calls later as a resident in the event of an urgent or emergency situation.