3 Things That Rental Agents Don’t Want You to Ask

You may be a seasoned and well informed consumer, maybe even someone who has had a lot of experience when it comes to looking at or for a new apartment home.  Still, there are a few things that the professional leasing people who actually conduct the touring and renting out of the apartment homes would like for you to know!

For example, have you ever viewed an apartment and gone down your list of questions to ask, but seem to get “stuck”? Stuck, as in, the leasing person won’t answer the question?


Believe us, the leasing person would like nothing more than to just give you all of the information that you ask for, however, there are real reasons as to why certain questions can’t and/or shouldn’t be answered by them.

Here are three things that professional rental agents (aka: leasing persons) want you to know that they can’t answer.

1.  Don’t Ask About “Safety”

You can ask it as many different ways as you would like, but any way you phrase it, the most professional apartment leasing agents know never to answer the question “how safe is the neighborhood”.

This is not to appear “sketchy” or to cause problems, but it is merely two fold; firstly, when it comes to safety, a representative of the apartments can be held liable should they say that the area is safe, only for you to later have an experience that makes you feel unsafe. Face it, anywhere in the world can have its issues and “safety” means different things to different people.


Secondly, there is no way for them to know exactly how many crimes or criminal activities happen within a close proximity of the building, and even if they did, you really should check up on something this important yourself.  There are amazing websites such as THIS ONE that will give you the real scoop on crime and criminal activity in any given neighborhood.

2.  Don’t Ask About the Neighbors

As much as a leasing person would love to tell you that your upstairs neighbors are “total saints” who they have never heard about problems with, they can’t!

Fair Housing laws don’t permit a leasing person to tell you “who” or “what kind of people” your neighbors are.  Even though you may feel like your question is pretty generic and would not be breaking any Fair Housing laws, there is still also still matter of privacy which any professional landlord or leasing person would not jeopardize and that is something that you should really be thankful for!


As a side note, keep in mind that you are moving into a rental.  Residents of rentals come and go and while you may be told to expect certain kinds of neighbors or people from an unprofessional landlord or leasing person, that can always change within a matter of days.  Your neighbors may be a revolving door of different kinds of people.

3.  Don’t Ask if the Rent Will Increase

Wouldn’t it be great if people could see into the future? Sure, it would be, but as of now no one can foresee the future.  Markets tend to fluctuate as does the price of real estate as does the rental amounts of apartments.


There is no possible way for your leasing person to give you an honest answer regarding rental amounts that are six months or even a year away, so why bother asking? If someone does give you an answer, keep in mind that there is really no way of them knowing so they are most likely just trying to appease you.