3 Things to Consider When Renting an Older Apartment

Older apartments and houses can have their pros: some have more charm, larger rooms and at times can be much more affordable than their newer counterparts.


Still, when considering moving into an older home or apartment, here are 3 things to consider.

  1.  How much do you cook?
    As cute and quaint as some kitchens in older apartments and homes can seem, cooking in them in 2016 can be a chore or seem unsanitary depending on your outlook.  Why? Older apartments or homes may lack ventilation in the kitchen, so be prepared to open windows in order to remove unwanted lingering food odors.

    Older homes and apartments may also lack a garbage disposal and dishwasher.  While it isn’t the end of the world to do dishes by hand or remove excess food from the sink and toss it into the garbage can, it can be an imposition, especially if you like to entertain or will be sharing with a roommate that may not be as conscientious about keeping things clean in a timely manner.


  2. Are you sensitive to the temperature?

    Lack of A/C, regardless of if it is window or central, and heat, can be a problem if you are sensitive to the temperature in your home. Even sunny Southern California with its normally amazing weather will go through cold spells, boughts of humidity and sudden heat waves.  Be prepared to stock up on space heaters, fans and to be a little uncomfortable from time to time.


  3. How much closet space do you need?

    While there are some older apartments and homes with nice, roomy closets, a majority of them will lack the kind of closet space that you will find in apartments and homes built after the 1960’s.  Be sure that you are ready to either downsize your clothes and shoes or be prepared to purchase items that can help with clothing and shoe storage such as over-the-door shoe holders and rolling clothing racks.

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