3 Small Ways to Make Christmas Day Even More Special

Christmas can be a very special day for those who celebrate it, but here are ten extra special little touches that can make being “home for the holidays” all the more memorable.

1.  Cup of Love

Freeze whipped cream in a baking dish. Once frozen, use a heart or Christmas tree shaped cookie cutter to make hot cocoa a little more sweet!



2.  That “Old Holiday” Smell

Even if you’re celebrating the holidays somewhere warm like a Los Angeles apartment, there’s nothing like the scent of a wood burning fireplace or fresh pine needles to evoke fond memories of holidays past.

3.  Add Some Sparkle to It

What is “it”? “It” can be anything! A hallway mirror, a hanging light fixture, a door way, a window frame.  Everything looks more festive with just a little more sparkle or shine! Even if you already have out a Christmas tree that’s decorated “to the nines”, and unless you’re going for a very minimalist Christmas, consider utilizing leftover garland or ornaments around the home!