3 Resources for Finding a Los Angeles Apartment

If you’re looking to move to a Los Angeles apartment but aren’t sure exactly where to start your search at, here are the best resources online!


Westside Rentals (also known as WSR) is a tremendous local source for both commercial and residential rentals.  While it costs an average of $50 to search listings for a 60 day time frame, it is a great way to find listings that may not be available on others. Why? Because WSR approaches landlords in order to obtain their listings as well as accepts incoming listings from landlords as well.  This means that there will be listings from non-tech savvy landlords that you won’t be able to find on other websites.


You may know Trulia as one of the major websites used when searching for a home to purchase, but did you also know that they advertise rentals as well? Because they are a third party website that pulls information from many other websites, you will find tons of listings here, all free to contact.


Last but not least, who could forget Craigslist?! Free to post and free to search at all time, Craigslist remains a top source for finding Los Angeles apartments, be as always, be aware of possible scams.