3 Reasons to Rent Our Short Term Apartments in Santa Monica Instead of An AirBnb

THREEWhen you’re searching for a furnished apartment in Santa Monica, it can be tempting to jump on the bandwagon and do like so many others have done and book an AirBnb stay.  The thing is, our furnished apartments in Santa Monica are professionally managed, meaning that not only are you and everyone else in the building approved through an application process, but that there is also little-to-no-chance of experiencing some of the following disasters experienced by some unlucky AirBnbers. Here are the top 3 reasons why you should rent one of our short term apartments in Santa Monica instead of an AirBnb.

  1. The agreement to rent to you gets renigged at the last minute, leaving you in the lurch.  Booking and having a reservation accepted on AirBnb isn’t exactly a legal document that binds the landlord to provide you with the agreed upon rental.
  2. The Airbnb rental isn’t as pictured, including not being as clean as pictured.  A professional management company will have a process in place as well as a budget to be sure that the furnished Santa Monica apartment rental is well maintained and current.
  3. While it doesn’t currently have a pet in it, the rental used to have a pet in it.  A professional management company knows how to have carpets and furniture properly sterilized and cleaned after a pet stay, but an average person many not.

But don’t just take our word; check out first hand accounts of some major AirBnb fails HERE.

For information on all of our professionally managed, furnished, short term apartments in Santa Monica available for 31+day stays, check out our listings HERE.