3 of the WORST April Fools Day Pranks

Attention! If you are not aware, or just in case you have forgotten, tomorrow is April 1st – April Fools Day!

According to Wikipedia, various versions of what we refer to as April Fools Day in modern times have been around since the 1300’s.  While there isn’t a clear cut answer as to who started this “holiday” or precisely when, many countries have their own versions of this American semi-holiday that take place at various times of the year.

If you live in the United States, you have most likely either pulled an April Fools prank or been on the receiving end of one.

We found tons of articles and videos about the best April Fools pranks to pull, but hardly any about the worst.

Here, we highlight the absolute worst April Fool’s Day pranks and jokes. You’re welcome in advance!

“Someone is Dead.”

Do we even need to explain why this kind of joke isn’t funny, regardless of if it’s April Fools Day or not? Saying that someone is dead is never funny!

Something that Will Get You or Them Fired

Playing an April Fools joke on a coworker or your boss can be funny…depending on what you do! Be sure that if you play a prank on a coworker or especially on your boss, that you know them well enough to know when you’d you be crossing the line.  Even if you both find the prank funny, if another coworker was witness to it and reported it as offensive, it could land you in big trouble with Human Resources!

And it doesn’t end with just your own coworkers: Remember that if you play a prank that will make the prankee late for work, or cause them to have to take time off without notice, you may both get a laugh, but they may also end up in trouble.

Anything that May Hurt Someone Physically

While we seriously doubt that anyone would set up an April Fools prank with the intention of actually causing bodily harm, it doesn’t mean that it has never happened.

For instance, the old “unstable chair” trick where someone falls through the chair or off of the chair can be really hilarious, but only if it’s being done to someone who doesn’t have a bad back or other condition where it may cause real physical harm.

Our advice to you? If you’re going to pull a prank that might cause someone to fall or something similar, make sure that you know them well enough to where they will find it funny even if they get a little hurt or simply refrain from doing it at all if you are unsure of preexisting injuries or disabilities.  After all, we do live in Los Angeles, the sue-happy capital of the United States and playing the wrong prank on the wrong person can have some pretty serious implications.

The best April Fools Day pranks are ones that don’t hurt anybody but will give them a minor scare and you a major laugh. Be creative or, if you don’t have time to dream up a new prank, search around Google for some of the best or funniest! Most importantly, don’t throw your common sense out of the window just because it’s April Fools. Happy fool’n!