3 of the Coolest Apartments on TV

We’ve all seen those quirky, adorably chic apartments on tv. Somehow, the character or characters have managed to throw together a bunch of mismatched items that ends up making the room look like something out of a catalog!

Here are some of the coolest apartments we’ve seen on tv and why we love them.

Apartment 4D on The New Girl

Industrial and eclectic, the apartment shared by Jess, Winston, Nick and Schmidt (who has, spoiler alert, just moved across the hall and made room for Coach to return) is just as quirky as the main character, Jess, while maintaining a homey feel!

We, who are lucky enough to live in Los Angeles, can stalk the actual building at 837 Traction Ave where the exterior shots are filmed at, thanks to this page from the blog I am Not a Stalker.

For New Girl apartment inspiration, check out The Lovely Side, which has a pretty extensive blog about the décor, or Casa Sugar, which breaks down the kitchen.

Apartment 4A on The Big Bang Theory

In real life, Leonard & Sheldon’s apartment on the Big Bang Theory is supposed to be located at 2311 N. Los Robles Avenue, Pasadena, California or, per the satellite photographs in The Countdown Reflection episode, at 215 S Madison Ave.

Check out Apartment Therapy’s page of furniture and décor inspired by Leonard and Sheldon’s apartment or this more detailed one from Curbly.

Kurt and Rachel’s Bushwick warehouse digs on Glee

Although Kurt & Rachel’s apartment is just a set on the Paramount Studios back lot, it doesn’t make us any less envious. The soaring ceilings, exposed beams and brick walls almost want to make us pack up and head to New York! Well, almost.

While we couldn’t find any detailed information about decorating like Kurt and Rachel, we did find this short article from Entertainment Weekly that breaks down the look the set dressers were going for.