3 of the Best Podcasts To Listen To During Holiday Travel

Holiday travel, while full of anticipation, can also be full of layovers, delays and either long stretches of irritating silences or sounds.

Why don’t you give your eyes a rest from the book you’re reading or the website that you’re perusing and take advantage of your time by listening to an educational or entertaining podcast!

Here are some of the best podcasts that will help time fly by during all of your holiday travels (and layovers).

The Moth

A non-profit group founded in 1997 invites every day people to share true stories revolving around a particular subject.  Each individual story is usually under 10 minutes long.  New stories are added each week and range from laugh-out-loud hilarious to sloppily sobbing sad.

This American Life

This is a weekly, hour-long radio program was first produced in 1995 by WBEZ and has been regularly hosted by Ira Glass.  Primarily a journalistic non-fiction program, there are also essays, memoirs and short fiction peppered in as well.


As the new kid on the block and break out podcast sensation, Serial unfolds pieces of a nonfiction story, week by week, over the course of a season.  Currently ending its first season, the show unravels the true mystery of a murdered young girl and her ex-boyfriend who was sentenced to life in prison for the crime which he may or may not have committed.  This podcast, which now has a cult-like following, is a “must” for lovers of mystery, suspense and true crime stories, but be warned: things are not always what they seem and we are unsure if there will ever be a definite answer to whether or not the young man in question is actually guilty.