3 Novelty Foods to Try in Los Angeles

Novelty foods; you know, the strange mouth delights usually concocted by fusing two different foods together and later posted on various social media outlets by hipsters and foodies the world over? Well, you don’t have to be a hipster or a foodie to get a kick out of trying these 3 marvelous novelty foods in Los Angeles. Enjoy!

The Sushi Burrito

Do you love sushi but tired of aching hands from using chopsticks? Ever wish that you could eat just one ginormous sushi roll instead of wasting time eating your roll piece by piece? Sure, we all have!

Now introducing the new and improved way to eat sushi; as a burrito!

The Jogasaki Burrito truck offers various Japexican delights including a mouth watering spider roll burrito, spicy tuna nachos and a refreshing salmon ceviche taco.  Check out their website above to find out where they’ll be and where you should be.



Ramen Burger

Ok, so who wouldn’t want to say they’ve had one of Time Magazine’s 17 Most Influential Burgers (yes, it’s a real thing) in their mouth?

Voted as number 12, this gorgeous creation is exactly what it sounds like; two “buns” made out of compressed and fried Ramen noodles delicately cradling a delicious burger between them.  Find it at the Original Ramen Burger in Koreatown or one of these locations.



The Spaghetti Meatballwich 

Giving the Ramen Burger a run for its money is its Italian cousin twice removed, the spaghetti meatballwich. Local mini-chain The Carving Board serves up disk of griddled together spaghetti noodles as buns with sumptuous home made meatballs inside.  Topped off with thick marinara sauce and melted mozzarella cheese, it’s a party in your mouth and all of your best taste buds are invited!