3 New Takes on Traditional Thanksgiving Dinner

Ask almost any American and one of the top words associated with Thanksgiving Dinner is “tradition”.  While hosting a traditional Thanksgiving dinner can be a tiring but fulfilling experience, here are 3 alternative kinds of menus for those looking to shake up their table a bit this year!

Traditional Native American & Pilgrim (English) Theme

Have you ever wondered if the current traditional Thanksgiving meal is fairly authentic as far as what Native Americans and olde English folks would have eaten?

There is a fascinating article that can be found HERE by Smithsonian Magazine that re-accounts what the menu for the very first Thanksgiving most likely consisted of.  You can also find some popular Native American recipes HERE and some timeless English favorites HERE.


The Competitive Thanksgiving Potluck

Want to get a little interactive and competitive with this years menu? Your competitive Thanksgiving potluck can be done in various ways.

1.  Such as with Iron Chef, pick 1 ingredient and ask 2 people or 2 teams to each prepare a dish using it as the main ingredient.  Be sure to specify if you are limiting the dish down to a certain course or courses. Example: Apple is the main ingredient.  Make an appetizer or a salad that utilizes this main ingredient.  Another example: Bacon is the main ingredient. Make a dessert or sweet side utilizing this as the main ingredient.

2.  Ditch the main ingredient and choose a specific dish, such as a vegetarian side.  Ask the teams or individuals to each make one great vegetarian side and vote late on who made the best one.

3.  Such as with Master Chef, pick one specific item, such as a chocolate cake or a green bean casserole, and ask individuals or teams to get creative and make their best interpretation of the dish.

Various interpretations of Shepards Pie Via Master Chef Jr.

Various interpretations of Shepards Pie Via Master Chef Jr.

Italian Themed Thanksgiving Dinner

Instead of a traditional menu of turkey, mashed potatoes, etc, opt for an Italian themed Thanksgiving meal by incorporating risottos, pastas and other elements from Italian cuisine into the menu. Check out the Wilshire Margot, luxury Westwood apartments, Pinterest board HERE for links to recipes including pumpkin cannolis, Italian stuffing and more!