3 Landlord Friendly Ways to Liven Up Living Room Walls

In most leases there will be verbage stating that as a renter, you are not allowed to “alter the condition or appearance” of your apartment without being liable for breaking your lease.  By this, most of the time, it means that you can’t make any serious alterations, but in some leases it also prohibits smaller alterations such as painting your walls or hanging art with nails.

Here are 3 landlord friendly ways to liven up your living room without any of the semi-permanent damage!

Use Wall Decals

Wall decals are an amazing way to liven up plain white walls!  They are adhesive, yet peel off easily without taking bits of the wall or original paint off with them.

Decals come in various designs, from ones that look like traditional art, to less classic and more modern design.  Some are even mirrored! Check out wall decals for every price range on All Modern, Blik and Amazon.


Switch Out Outlet and Light Switch Covers

Sometimes it’s the smaller touches that make the biggest impression! There are artists and companies that take regular, boring light switch and outlet covers and turn them into something special.  Whether it’s just solid color you are seeking or an elaborate design, check out some of the unique and affordable options that we found on Etsy!


Hang With Care

If you are still looking to decorate your living room walls in a more traditional fashion, be sure to utilize some apartment friendly options that do not leave holes like nails and screws do.  HERE are 3 wall friendly ways to hang your traditional pieces without the use of tape, nails or screws.